License Agreement

Individual and Multiple User Licenses

A subscription to our Online Access and/or Archive Access requires accepting this license agreement.
Organizations such as utilities, suppliers, research institutes, and universities may order our services for more than one person. This is only accepted if the correct number of users is stated. PPCHEM AG reserves the right to reject an order if the indicated number of users appears to be understated.

License Type Number of Readers/Users
A2 – 4
B5 – 10
C11 – 20

General Conditions

The PPCHEM® journal is protected by international copyright laws. All rights including translation into other languages are reserved. The print version and the downloaded pdfs may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means (photocopy, electronic means, etc.) or passed on to any third parties without the written permission of PPCHEM AG. Neither the downloaded pdfs nor the access data (username and password) may be passed on to any third parties (individuals or organizations).


In case of copyright infringement, or the downloaded pdfs or access data is passed on to third parties, PPCHEM AG will impose the following fines:

Individual license bearer: 5,000 € (five thousand EURO)
License A or B bearer:5,000 € (five thousand EURO)
License C bearer:7,500 € (seven thousand five hundred EURO)
License D bearer:10,000 € (ten thousand EURO)