The PowerPlant Chemistry® journal has become the PPCHEM® journal.

In July 1999 – more than 25 years ago – the first issue of the PowerPlant Chemistry® journal was published. Since then the journal has become established as an international scientific and technical journal for users in the entire power generation market. Water treatment and cycle chemistry are not only challenges in power generation but also in all industrial processes where water or steam is being used. The PPCHEM® journal wants to serve all users who are involved in efforts to increase the reliability, availability, economic viability, and the operational and environmental safety of these processes.

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Hints from the Experts: Making Control Loops Smarter

Hints from the Experts: Considerations for the Control of the Dosing of Trisodium Phosphate (Na3PO4) in Boiler Water

Hints from the Experts: How IAPWS-IF97 can be used to optimize the so-called “Cleaning Force Ratio” during the steam cleaning of power plants

PPCHEM 101: The Economic Benefits and Goals of Power Plant Chemistry
Fank Udo Leidich and Michael Rziha

IAPWS Technical Guidance on Power Cycle Chemistry Monitoring and Control for Frequently Cycling and Fast-Starting of HRSGs
Barry Dooley, Michael Rziha and Paul McCann

Corrosion and Deposits in Water-Cooled Generator Stator Windings: Overview of Water Cooling of Generators
Robert Svoboda and Wolf-Dietrich Blecken